Captions of Life is a photographic diary, written and illustrated by Lucas Mathis.


Born and raised in the north-east of France, Lucas Mathis is currently a student at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. At 26 years old, the way that lead him to undertake high education in History and to study abroad has been made of many trials and errors. During his early years in school, he was often criticized by teachers for beeing away with the fairies. Focusing on a single task, seeking for one position in society has always been challenging to him as his personality  attracts him to the big picture, and his curiosity makes him passionately interested in many different subjects.

In 2013, he received his first camera and ever since, he has never stopped taking images. Photograhy has given him opportunities to come to people and situations which would have remained strangers to him otherwise.

Photography was a licence to go whenever I wanted and to do what I wanted to do.”


– Diane Arbus –


Lucas is an introvert with an immense respect for people and an attraction to what makes them singular. He knows no such thing as a weird person. He is mainly interrested in people’s lives, the diversity of the very meaning of that life in the human society which all together makes our living History. He is very attentive to  details as he believes they can carry the soul of a place, a moment, a personality. That intimate and attentive relation to people and details does reflects in his photographs and his style is voluntarily direct, honest and true to life.



As many artists, Lucas Mathis has his influences too. His favourite photographer whose images he regards as his main references is Steve McCurry; and the photographer whose personal engagement with photography he finds the most inspiring is Diane Arbus.

Images are worth a thousand words, and associated with them, they have even more power. Captions of Life is Lucas’s own photojournalistic magazine, similar to a diary but written for the public, to share his vision of life and the story of people he comes across




The pictures of me on this page and in the “Life is fugitive” article were taken by Chloé Isabelle Photographie