CAPTIONS OF LIFE is a blog dedicated to travel and lifestyle. It provides sightseeing enthusiasts with colorful ideas of places to visit, things to try-out, and is over and above an invitation to creativity and philosophy in all aspects of life. Its commitment is to tell the stories of ordinary but inspiring people, and to expose the casual beauties of the world that surrounds us.



LUCAS MATHIS – Author of Captions of Life


Born and raised in France, I am currently a student at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. At 26 years old, the way that led me to study History has been made of many experimentations as I long sought for my own satisfactory way in life.


In 2013, I received my first camera and have never stopped taking images since. Photograhy has given me opportunities to connect with people and to come to situations which otherwise would have only been awkwardly accessible.


As a person, I consider myself an introvert as I enjoy the peace of solitude. Nonetheless, I am irresistibly attracted to people and what makes them unique. Above all, I believe in Humanity and am constantly looking for the bigger picture. Hence, however down-to-earth, this blog will always display a sense of greater hope and naiveté, for it is the voice of an optimist.





The pictures of me in the “Why photography” article were taken by Chloé Isabelle Photographie